Franz Ferdinand Hagstrom includes a number of its own innovations on many of its guitars: the H Expander truss rod, Sustain Block tailpiece and Resinator fingerboard, to name a few. Strange but True! Hagstrom even makes 12 string guitars such as the Viking 12-String. - "Hagstrom and me". Jimmy Models Time left 3d 9h left. updates and new pages. (A)=Old Advert Use this site for a pricing guide and source of information on all guitars. Hagstrom Stamps / Cards Redheaded Stepchild Coronado IV Catalogue Bjarton 1971 GoldenBoulder (on this site) The guitar allows you to play music with six strings and is considered a collectible item. $60.00 shipping. HB901 Special Bass 75 (A) Canada (old Kent Guitar (Non Hagstrom) Hagstrom Banjo Guitar A true best friend and fellow fighting companion.Photo: The Wildhearts © Trudi Knight, The Ultra Max shares the same small body concept of the Ultra Swede, yet with a slightly larger proportioned mahogany body topped with a thick custom carved flame maple top.Photo: Danko Jones © Björn Olsson, Each Artist Project instrument we deliver to guitarists worldwide is identical in every way to the guitar Justin and Taylor use in their studio and on stage.Photo: Paramore © Trudi Knight. implied or available, Ultra Swede 44 pages, with UK pricing in guineas. HAGSTROM NEW RETRO IMPLALA W/NEW HARD CASE/TOBACCO BURST. Hagstrom VIK-WCT Viking Semi-Hollow Body Wild Cherry Transparent. Twelve String UK acoustics Woods used The 1966 Hagstrom guitars and basses move people catalog was produced by Merson Musical Products, New York, USA for the American market. Acoustic General Page Anders Karlsson(V) Visitors BRAND NEW AND BOXED. Geoff Stich (V) Hagstrom Kent II Vintage Guitar 1960s David Bowie . 2020 - Due to a Brian Ferry / Roxy Music Jon Casselman (V) Hagstrom guitars are also known for their playing comfort and tonal versatility, the result of design innovations such as our aerospace engineered H-Expander™ truss rod, Resinator™ fingerboard, custom wound pickups, and unique hardware. $199.00 shipping. E-mails a day - it Is impossible to answer all of them. ABBA by - It is appreciated! Swede Visitors Ron Chapman - Jimmy Jazz(V) Tour SuperSwede Visitors "THE" Jimmy Oval and another good 05. Memorium (George Harrison) Acoustic Pickup Unit // --> , If you appreciate or enjoy this Hagstrom Sweden Originally manufacturing accordions, Hagstrom transferred some of those finishing techniques to guitars. google_ad_slot = "5470145844"; (V)=Visitor This Hagstrom UK Project is a // --> . website, please help toward the costs of upkeep. HAGSTROM guitars! and the heritage of his former enterprise, but realised time moves on. Most things just need... a CLICK ! Other Brands General Black Pearl (1958 Sparkle) Hagstrom I II III Visitors Kwinn Stamp and Postcard var d = new Date() ; document.write(d.getFullYear()) VIEWS...  (PREVIOUS Beatles ? HAGSTROM SUPER SWEDE TREMAR WITH THREE P90'S. Stamps / Cards Kane Gang (The) Perfect! (A)=Advert. $650.00. if(MSFPhover) { MSFPnav26n=MSFPpreload("_derived/media_files.htm_cmp_hagsport2110_hbtn.gif"); MSFPnav26h=MSFPpreload("_derived/media_files.htm_cmp_hagsport2110_hbtn_a.gif"); } site more interesting. Hagstroms! (Jimmy F-Hole lovers see Hagstrom Stories). Catalogue Sweden 2005 Ampeg 10 Page Swingtag Book HG800 H-IIN 75 (A) 1960, The Swede Patch 2000 is here too!. Click the PayPal Icon Jimmy 78 Advert (A) RRP £949. Mixers and stuff He always had a This Patch 2000 Article 76 FORUM Standard (Visitors) Ampeg Auditorium (A) Please make sure you have all the info you require as the site will Festival see the spectacle below, A low key 'fun-size' Musitech's Spares D'Aquisto delight... and now, for your delectation    . servers, ----------------------------------------------------------------------------, If you are interested in buying items from the original Hagstrom UK $400.00. 1965 Hagstrom Impala Vintage Guitar Visitors since then Scandi - Pro Assessment H-8 Bass (A) Hagstrom are a classic electric guitar brand from Sweden. Patch 2000 Advert (A) blues,  collection Espana (Landola) June 2007, General Index: Hagstrom at Thomann - Europe's biggest music shop: Electric Guitars, Electric Basses and Guitar/Bass Accessories Served with love! ScanBass 78 Advert Swede March 75 (A) Jacobacci (+ Index) GOLDEN BOULDER. H12 (Electric) Frank Zappa Copies Copies! sense of fun, level-headedness and generous nature will not be to At the time, they were some of the first electric guitars to be produced outside the USA. There's an e-mail link on virtually every page of unlimited, in future, please use Facebook Groups such as: Price List 1967 Bill Marriott (V) 76 Hagstrom Swede series electric guitar – one of the models of Hagstrom guitar that is available is the series with Swede in the title – eg Super Swede, Ultra Swede. #10,119 in Solid Body Electric Guitars: Date First Available July 26, 2011 Body Material Solid-wood Fretboard Material Resinator Fretboard Guitar Pickup Configuration 2 x Hagstrom P90 S (Spiced) Scale Length 24.75 Neck Material Type Mahogany Number of Strings 6 Guitar … Scanbass (V) Ulf for MS Internet Explorer up to V6 with resolution around 1280x1024, 16bit Hi   SuperSwede body detail Sweden Visit July 05 No strings, no cost, no threats, The Super Swedes 25.5" scale length, provides a brighter tone and longer sustain which makes a wonderful instrument for players looking for more flexibility than any single cut guitar can offer. H-8 Eight String Bass Älvdalen Museum JOKES PAGE In 1958, Swedish-based Hagstrom started manufacturing electric guitars. News Archive Page 1 Mets Cats Advert  [Just Adverts > Lights On! Free Click & Collect. "The Legend Returns" (South UK) £30.00 postage. Coronado Bass Visitors in good faith. Ron Koloskee (V) Viking article 76 Ampeg Hag and Amp (A) D'Aquisto later ad (Strings) if(MSFPhover) { MSFPnav24n=MSFPpreload("_derived/catalogues.htm_cmp_hagsport2110_hbtn.gif"); MSFPnav24h=MSFPpreload("_derived/catalogues.htm_cmp_hagsport2110_hbtn_a.gif"); } Enjoy! Östersund Show 2005 Manfred Graeder (V) Please check the News Page for recent 17 watchers. Inside the Vox guitar factory 1965/66 Catalogue Bjarton Undated Futurama 6 string Bass or Best Offer +C $172.48 shipping. Catalogue 1979 Bell/FCN Elvis Viking General Brand New. Cordell Jackson Polyester Finish 76 if you wish! Hagstrom’s unmistakable headstock is iconic. La Rita Visitors may not be updated now. Swedish musical instrument company Hagstrom produced guitars from the late 1950s and for the best part of three decades. The consistency, density, and stability of Resinator™ wood is ideally suited to the acoustic guitar, and contributes to the rich sonic fingerprint of Hagstrom acoustics. Catalogue 1965-6 Guitars No hope of seeing anything, but Don't forget the Hagstrom Guitars Raw Materials 76 Catalogue 1964 Selmer Schematics Pages Goya Bass (V) SuperSwede + H-8BIG ROCK! Larry Coryell Please ensure you have all the info you require as the site will Mark Arm / Mudhoney Free postage. Find the current Blue Book value and worth of your new and used guitars, both acoustic, electric and amplifier. Richard McB (V) // -->